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Using Shopper Marketing Tactics To Grow A Customer Base

Shopper Marketing is basically “brand marketing in the retail context.” In simple terms, shopper marketing is basically brand marketing in the retail context. It’s a strategy used by retailers to bring awareness and sales of the products and services they offer to specific market segments. For retailers, the benefits of this marketing strategy are that it targets specific demographics, which means targeted sales.

Some benefits of shopper marketing tactics for many retailers include a powerful advertising and marketing tool for smaller-scale businesses.

It’s an effective strategy for brand building and product positioning. This tactic is cheaper than traditional advertising and is more efficient and effective at getting the word out about a business.

There are five common areas of shopper marketing targets for many types of retailers.

These include Retail environments such as stores, head shops, supermarkets, online stores, and small shops. The retailers who should target depend on the type of product and services they offer. It should also depend on the target audience. Let’s look at each of these five areas.

Retail environments include stores, head shops, supermarkets, and small shops. For these types of retailers, shopper marketing should attract younger consumers, those with disposable income, and those with a sense of brand loyalty.

Some of the most popular brands targeting these market segments include K-mart, Walmart, Target, JCPenney, Forever Living, and Old Navy.

Brands that fall under these categories are younger, have a lower average income, and have a higher retention rate for their customers than more traditional brands.

While the strategies and tactics of the brands vary, the common areas of focus are quite clear: develop an integrated marketing plan that includes print, television, and Internet marketing.

Another area of focus for shopper marketing tactics is within the supermarket category. Supermarkets encompass national chains like Wal-Mart and Target. These large retailers are known for their unbeatable prices, convenience, and consumer loyalty.

They are also known for their ability to drive sales and turn a profit in difficult economic times.

Online retailers are the third most common shopper marketing venue. They are the ideal outlet for an online retailer since they are often cheaper than brick-and-mortar establishments.

Consumers can also access them anywhere in the world for virtually any reason, even from remote areas where a retailer physically lives.

Therefore, many online retailers choose to engage in pay-per-click advertising, which pays a small fee for every visitor to a site, regardless of whether they purchase.

Consumer response to these shopper marketing strategies has been overwhelmingly positive.

Many studies show that consumers are more likely to purchase if offered information about the product or service they are searching for. Websites that provide consumers with information about local businesses, local events, and other pertinent consumer and shopper-related information help draw shoppers in.

While shopper marketing is the backbone of the modern marketing plan, it is important to remember that the company’s brand name is just one of many components that make up the “look and feel” of a company.

For this reason, many marketers will use other marketing tools to help build the brand recognition of a company. When approaching any business, brand management is a very important aspect to consider.

Some of the most successful marketers are those who employ all of the above elements to their advantage. Pay-per-click advertising is just one component of the successful shopper marketing mix.

These marketers realize they need to advertise to their existing customers and to new markets that have not been reached before.

In addition, shopper marketing requires that marketers understand the psychology of shopping. After all, many shoppers make purchases based on impulse, so these marketers need to understand how shoppers think when purchasing certain items.

Only by understanding the psychology of shopping can a retailer truly be successful.

Many marketers use online videos as part of their shopper marketing tactics to get an audience excited about their products. Using video can help convey information that traditional advertisements cannot.

Many of these videos are short, allowing shopper marketing tactics to be short, snappy, and effective. Because many people do not have long hours available during the day, they often turn to videos to relax while waiting for their computer to boot up after work.

By using shopper marketing techniques that focus on creating brand awareness, retailers can increase the number of people who purchase their products. While this strategy can work wonders on brand recognition alone, it can also work wonders when used with other forms of in-store marketing.

Using video, for example, can help consumers remember a particular brand when they are looking for more information about the product.

Using this type of in-store marketing, besides the traditional methods of print advertising and word-of-mouth advertising, can allow consumers to have a greater impact on the success of a brand.

Using Shopper Marketing Tactics To Grow A Customer Base

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Using Shopper Marketing Tactics To Grow A Customer Base

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