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Google Digital Unlocked Network Marketing 4.0

Serious users of SEO tools to enhance any SEO campaign recognize that Web CEO at is a powerful addition to their SEO arsenal. It has two editions, one free and a pro edition (just the free edition discussed here). The free edition is a powerful search engine ranking tool as it contains keyword analysis, link partner strategies, search engine submission, analytics, broken link reports, on-page optimization reports, link popularity, and competition analysis.

FREE Web CEO Wins As The Top Search Engine Ranking Tool

An SEO services company can benefit as an HTML file can be exported showing any SEO reports showing a client’s site’s on-page and off-page optimization strength. Resellers can brand the SEO reports and offer them as part of a professional service.

The best part of the free edition is its KEI report (Keyword Effectiveness Index) which allows you to create a basket of keywords aimed at your niche. This makes Web CEO a strong contender in the search engine ranking tool category. It is a powerful analytical tool that offers visitor tracking so user trends can be monitored.

The first and most important part of any SEO plan is on-page optimization. Web CEO will find broken links, bad code and offer solutions on how to optimize. It will report on the tags used in the code, e.g., title tags not optimized, Meta tags not written properly. This way, you are guided on improving the quality of the web pages so that a better SERP ranking is achieved.

You do not need to be an experienced SEO marketer or web designer; the tool is so easy to use that you will be up and running in no time. The GUI interface is very user-friendly. You can store records of tools in use so that they can be loaded back the next time you open Web CEO. This is useful in campaigns as you recall your previous tasks. 

Another great report is the website monitoring tool. This sends reports each week to your email box on the status of your website. This search engine ranking tool is like having an IT team monitor your site while concentrating on your business. The report shows uptime, any download failures, connect ping issues, and comments on the stability of your server.

The live traffic report brings you coverage that other free tools lack in their reporting. For today’s e-commerce sites, this is crucial to a campaign. Knowing how to increase conversions is a survival game, particularly when considering the costs of many PPC campaigns being in the thousands. So, knowing the best keywords for your niche is vital. This tool serves you in this area with the same efficiency as having an SEO services team standing behind you.

You can analyze the web for partners and find link-sharing possibilities. The free edition also allows you to submit your pages to the top search engines or all of them up to 150 if you want.

It could be the holy grail of SEO tools with its impressive toolset. Not to mention its fantastic 47 tutorials with videos and a certification test that you can use to profess your SEO skills. This tool is as good as it gets, don’t overlook it if you need that punch in your SEO strategies.

How To Use Adwords Tutorial

If you are getting started on Google Adwords, you may feel that you don’t know exactly how to get started and make the best use of Adwords. An Adwords tutorial may be just what you need.

An Adwords tutorial will tell you exactly what you need to do to become an Adwords expert. Using tutorials lets Adwords customers understand how the program works and take advantage of all the best search combinations.

Google itself has Adwords tutorials. When you first sign up for Google Adwords, you have the option of choosing a Starter Edition. This is a beginner version of Adwords for a single product and for new to internet advertising.

If you choose the Starter Edition option, the program will help you walk through an Adwords campaign.

While you can upgrade to the standard edition at any time, many people recommend beginning with the standard edition since that will give you access to all keywords and features from the start.

You can also find demos at Adwords to show you how to use the features at the site. For example, there is one that focuses on the best keyword matches.

If that works better for you, it runs automatically and has audio that can be replaced with onscreen text. You can find the tutorial at

It discusses broad matches, exact matches, expanded matches, phrase matches, and negative matches. It also discusses lowering costs by narrowing matches.

Other sites will give you step-by-step instructions on using Adwords effectively and what to avoid in creating an account.

One such Adwords tutorial has five parts to its video series. It begins by discussing what kinds of products sell best when used with a Clickbank advertising campaign. If you’re trying to make money and don’t have a specific product to sell, this is important to think about.

However, if you already have a product and want to learn how to market it effectively, skip the first section.

The second part of the Adwords tutorial focuses on doing keyword research and choosing excellent keywords that will make you money.

Step three highlights the basics for creating an Adwords campaign and how to find free tools to assist in the process. It explains breaking down keywords into groups and focusing these groups into AdGroups.

There’s also a knack for writing good ads that get attention, and a good Adwords tutorial will help you in that process as well.

Look for tutorials that will help you learn to do keyword targeting to get more customers and fewer empty clicks that bring in no revenue it’s a little more advanced, but as soon as you get your feet on the ground, you’ll want to go there.

You may want to move toward getting affiliates for your product look for Adwords tutorials that help you use “white hat” techniques Internet lingo for following the rules and doing it “right,” rather than using “tricks” to get the clicks and the rankings.

Top Adwords Suggestion Research Research Research

Success with Google Adwords depends on various factors such as the right keyword, the content being suitable for the niche, and the squeeze page sales copy, and many other factors around low competition key phrases.

Some key phrases like ‘dog food’ are producing up to 50,000 clicks, so niche areas around those keywords should generate a set of great keyword lists for Adwords campaigns. An effective Adwords suggestion for a campaign is to ensure the top key phrases in the ad are descriptive, bait the visitor to click and open a landing page, and from there to the vendor website, and it should then be repeated repeatedly.

You can dominate your niche quickly, but it will become someone else’s niche research without one very important approach.

Don’t slack here or expect high CPC costs! When you think you have done a few days of research and that’s ok, question it. Use the search engines to look for all the common key phrases in your niche. Check blogs and company data are hidden in Google by adding the word database after the search phrase. A further Adwords suggestion is to check vendor sites for products and services that the niche is attracting. Analyze the sale patterns; what’s the top product? What is the demographic?

Use the Google Adwords tool so that you are always generating key phrases that match your niche area. This is an invaluable tool and has sprung campaigns for freelancers worldwide. You can also view traffic charts and use Google’s traffic and bid estimator to gain an insight into the traffic strength of your keyword lists.

With this research part done, now set a daily budget. Start low if this is your first campaign. Now, you can test your keyword lists against your squeeze pages. I highly recommend joining a course where forums exist to collaborate with fellow marketers like the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Check the daily budget, analyze and watch your campaigns every day. Note the progress and the approach to your budget cap. Remember, there are many advertisers globally doing this each day, so to compete, ensure this is not missed. Make firm decisions based on your currently available budget on the amount to pay, as low as 5 cents if necessary.

On your Adwords links, the destination site address should not be too long, a common mistake. Use plain English, and keep it down to short URLs. Also, avoid capitals in the URL. On the page, ensure the content is optimized for the topic and highlights the product’s benefits to the pr

Google Digital Unlocked Network Marketing 4.0

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Google Digital Unlocked Network Marketing 4.0

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