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3g Mobile Digital Agencies Social Media Advertising

Social media is a great tool to use when marketing your craft business. You can use social media to get your business known and take in more money. 

Top Social Media Platforms for Marketing Your Craft Business

Before you decide which social media platform will best fit the marketing of your craft business, you need to figure out what your goals are for your business. From there, you need to decide on what strategies will best fit the goals you have in place. 

Social media provides a wide range of benefits to you and your business. 

Here is a list of just a few:

  • You can sell your products directly to your customers. 
  • Your business gains more awareness, making you more money.
  • You can build relationships with people, including your customers. Having deeper relationships with your customers ensures they will come back.
  • You get to know potential business partners. 
  • It helps establish you as an expert in your specific trade. 
  • The activity on social media leads to the improvement of your business’s website. 

Once you have a clear idea of where you want your business to go, you can decide which social media platform is the best for the marketing of your craft business. Here is a list of some of the more well-known social media sites that can help publicize your business.  

1. Facebook

This social media site is very easy to use and is a quick and sometimes free way to gain new customers. Invite your friends to like your business’s Facebook page and grow your page by posting interesting things that you have to offer. 

Your followers will like and share those posts, letting more and more people see the type of business you own. With the “liking” and “sharing” feature on Facebook, this social media platform is a great way to grow your business beyond your friends and family. 

2. Twitter

This social media platform is very popular among crafters because of its connections to possible partnerships. You can also have conversations with your customers and get to know them on a more personal level. 

One of the disadvantages of Twitter, though, is that you have to constantly keep tweeting because you’re only as good as the last tweet you posted. Be careful that you’re not only promoting yourself. Be sure to take time to retweet others and reply to other people’s tweets. 

3. Pinterest

Pinterest was made to direct people to other sites, so if you want more traffic on your website, this may be the way to go. This is also a great website to use if you have great pictures to share with others. You can then send your followers to the sales page where each of your products is being sold. Another hallmark of Pinterest is that even if you posted a pin months ago, you’d still get traffic on your website months late. 

4. YouTube

You may not think of this platform as social, but if you develop a good number of subscribers, your business will gain popularity. However, remember that it takes time to produce a high-quality video, so ensure to leave enough time to do this. 

5. LinkedIn

This social media site is a great tool for networking with other business owners you may benefit from getting a partnership out of. It’s less useful for marketing as you don’t get to become connected to your customers. 

It’s important to know the differences between these social media sites and how they can help you and your business. Use the tools provided to make your business easier to run, and become educated on what separate social media sites offer. 

Using Mobile Marketing To Increase Business And Sales

Mobile marketing has proven to be a very successful manner of advertising for many companies around the world. If done correctly, you will reap the rewards of the time you spend researching and planning your mobile marketing campaign. The following tips will help you successfully use this method for your business.

Make sure your customers know their business is appreciated. Give them special offers, discounts based on hallmark goals, or even a simple thank you note. They need to know you value their business, or they may take it to someone who will go that extra step.

When developing content for mobile marketing, be sure that you keep your message brief and easy to understand. Make sure the messages you send can be absorbed quickly and understood by your customers.

Make sure that your site and ads are consistent across multiple formats. Not every bit of mobile technology is the same, so you will need to adapt to them all. There’s nothing worse than working hard on a mobile campaign to find out that people using a certain type of mobile OS are having trouble accessing it.

You will have a tough choice in mobile marketing dealing with whether to go with mobile apps or mobile sites. It would be best if you let the actual message choose its medium here. In other words, you should go with the flow with whatever works better with one method than the other. Don’t try to force it to go well the other way.

Avoid anything in mobile marketing that seems too easy. If it seems like it may be really easy to implement, you can be sure that something’s wrong with it. Of course, we’re talking about mobile-specific things here, like apps and formatted sites. A lot of ads and email techniques are universal, so don’t fret on that front.

It would be best to work very hard to create various types of promotions to entice customers with any mobile marketing campaign. Don’t worry about losing money here. A customer attracted by a two-fer may not have been attracted otherwise, and you’ll end up profiting way more through your promotions.

When promoting a particular event, send the mobile marketing message a few hours or the day before the event. Customers that are genuinely interested in the event can easily forget the message if you send it several days before the event is to take place. You do not want your customers to miss out on anything.

Even though many people use their phones for Internet text, not everyone will know what the abbreviations mean. Someone who cannot make sense of what you are saying will get frustrated and not read your message.

Apply these tips to your marketing plan, and you are sure to see positive responses from your customers. Be sure to take the time to plan your next move before doing anything to avoid making the mistakes that can cause you to lose customers that are already on your list.

Proven Tips And Tricks For Mobile Marketing Success

Today people are doing more than you would have dreamed possible with their cell phones. Smartphones keep getting more and more popular, and their capabilities are growing almost as fast. If you are running a business, you owe yourself to investigate how to make these, ever more ordinary phones work for you.

Shop around for different companies. Mobile marketing companies all differ in their styles and methods. Finding the best one for your business and your customers can be as simple as visiting their websites. Never settle for the first one you find without checking out what the other companies may have to offer.

Decide now whether you’re going to use QR or 2D codes in your mobile campaign. Your audience may not understand how to leverage certain technology out there, so you need to ensure that you’re going with something current, popular, and people-friendly. You’re marketing to basic folks; not everyone will be tech-savvy.

Listen to your customers in your mobile marketing campaign so that you can always better cater to them. If you assume you know what your customers want, you will make a serious you-know-what out of yourself. Instead of assuming, listen to their needs and then work from an informed standpoint.

Relearn how to create successful landing pages, in particular for mobile marketing. If you’re hoping for lead-generating pages and overall customer acquisition, these landing pages need to be much more streamlined than regular landing pages. Take the time to learn this skill, and it will pay off greatly for you.

Your thinking should change completely for mobile marketing if you hope to be successful because you’re not dealing with a one-on-one customer-client relationship anymore. You’re now dealing with people out in public browsing their mobile devices. This means you need to train your brain to think like a busy person and what would grab their attention.

Make it very easy for your customers to unsubscribe from receiving your text messages. Many times having the option to reply with the word ‘stop’ will be the easiest way. This will lower any frustration if a customer no longer wants to receive texts. Remember that just because they don’t want a text does not mean they do not want to be a customer.

Make your campaign compatible with all mobile platforms. Your ads must be displayable on all smartphone applications, including Android, Blackberry, and the iPhone. It would be a mistake not to display on one of these platforms because you would miss out on advertising to many users.

These are just a few of the ways that you can turn the omnipresence of smartphones to your advantage as a business owner. Having a phone-friendly marketing strategy is the same today as an internet marketing strategy was ten years ago. Mobile marketing is a burgeoning field. If you get into it now, you can start reaping the rewards that much faster.

3g Mobile Digital Agencies Social Media Advertising

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3g Mobile Digital Agencies Social Media Advertising

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